Our Story

It all started with kale.

A lot of kale.

We lived on a farm in Søkedalen valley outside Oslo and one year there was so much kale we didn’t know what to do with it. After making soups, chips, woks and smoothies we found a vegan kimchi recipe and thought: Let*s make a Norwegian version. So we added kale, beats as well as miso for local taste.

We got addicted.

It felt like rotten cabbage was what our body had been missing all along!

Friends came over and wanted to buy some. So we made more. We placed some Nordic Kimchi and pumpkin seed butter in our local store and three days later it was sold out. Other people wanted rotten cabbage too.

We started showing up at local markets (REKO), festivals, selected health food stores and even co-founded our own yoga retreat.

Our batches get bigger every time we produce.

In January 2021 we completed our production facility in the basement below the very first store we ever sold through, in the little valley nestled 20 minutes outside Oslo centre.

Our dream is to make plant spreads and probiotics available in every store in Norway and go international. We will continue creating products that are 100% plants, combine locally sourced ingredients and international inspiration – while reducing food waste and cooperating with work-facilitating programs in the process.

More to come X